13/08 :  Oil, Gloves, and Tapes.

   These are the three items that have been added to the website, but have always been in the store.

The Two-Cycle Engine Oil page, was short but still, now its there.
The Gloves page lists a short description of most of our gloves.
And by Tapes we mean Tape Measures, On this page we list the sizes and the brands.

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Oil, glelin 20 Dec : 10:54 Reply to this

Where can I find link to RSS? Can't visit your website often, but there are very interesting posts published!

Oil, lenar 20 Dec : 12:41 Reply to this

Uhh! Should post to Facebook. :)

Oil, glelin 20 Dec : 12:47 Reply to this

Site is quite young, but psots are interesting already! It's some kind of leaders' swapping ))

Oil, gonus 20 Dec : 12:48 Reply to this

Not perfect for me :( Another thoughts?

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