03/02 :  Terribly Sorry - User Logins

   It took my by surprise that people were commenting, but i did not realize that they were by the same person, and the same IP. Because i could see the IP i figured they didn't have an account, but today i remembered the name was blue, meaning a link...to a profile page.

I originally wanted registration disabled and posting comments disabled by non users(effectively disabling it.) I never disabled the registration and that caused users to re-register often due to no login page.

Sense I like having the comments and wish to keep visitors returning, and i cannot simply make posting open for everyone due to the fact there are computers out there that post links to pornography sites and ebay listings, ect. I have seen this happen on other systems like this and it takes a lot to control it and clearly they stay there until they are deleted it would be counter productive to a business.

I will keep posting to members only, and keep the registration the way it is, and also i have made login fields on the right side. To keep the site clutter free, i am now going to purge all users, so next time you make an account, it will be the last time you will need to.

Thanks for the patience i wish i caught this sooner but I didn't.


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