25/10 :  Now carrying the Blue Vinyl Gloves

   We got some Blue Vinyl Gloves in today, they are a triple dipped oil resistant glove. We are stocking them in Large and XLarge. Added by popular demand, thank you.


28/04 :  Smart Levels and MASAs

   We now stock "Smart Levels". The Smart Level is by M-D and is able to detect level and plumb. It comes with the electronic part and the attached level.

We recently have gotten MASA anchoring systems in. Some jobs are starting to require them so we carry them now.

14/04 :  More Relton drill bits

   We have 7 new Relton drill bits on order and will be in soon.
(see drill bits page for descriptions)

Pyramid Points(P###) are faster cutting bits as they have more cutting edges.

26/01 :  New Pages, New Pictures

   Anchor Bolts finally has a page made for it. Listing sizes and type in an alternating colored table.
Using the same format, i created the Stab Bolts page (SSTB##).

I have created an icon to replace the filler leaf next to Delano Supply.

Flagging Tape was never listed on here, this was discovered when trying to add a picture to the page. It has now been created and has a photo of them. Caution/Danger Tape also has a photo attached to it.

The search function now works properly and will strictly search the product pages. Before it would simply search the news by default.

New Pages
Anchor Bolts
Stab Bolts
Flagging Tape - New + Picture
Caution/Danger Tape - Picture

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14/09 :  New Products in Store

   We recently got many new products in stock in the last few months.

Straw Wattles
Survey Hubs
Wire Back Silt-Fence
Delta Drain 6000
Catch Basin Filtration Bags

Pages still need to be made for each of the items, we will post another news post notifying visitors of the new pages for these items.

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30/06 :  Happenings of the 30th

   The site, now has a domain, that one, I guess it is now an official web site.

I have added another page to the site, and placed the link in the main menu. The page is for the Saw Blades we sell here. I will be added pictures and more pages soon. I will post new news posts when we make more pages, it is just a slow process.

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