We allow renting equipment, we try to rent out as many things as we can that don't wear out that easily.

We rent out John A and C Brackets, Scaffold Brackets, Steel Stakes, Turnbuckles, Vibrators, Saws, Motorized Compactors, and Electric Rebar Cutters.

We rent out for Two(2) Weeks at a time, if you do not return the product on time you pay for a second week, and so forth. We do this by Charging the full amount of the item, once you return it you will be refunded the difference. If you do not return it you don't get the refund for that lost item.

Heres a list..
  • John A Brackets
  • John C Brackets
  • Scaffold Brackets
  • Steel Stakes
    • 12"
    • 18"
    • 24"
    • 36"
    • 48"
  • Turnbuckles
  • Vibrators
  • Motorized Compactors