Electric Rebar Cutters
DC-20WH - 3/4" (#6) Rebar Cutter from Diamond Products
29-PMC19 - 3/4" (#6) Rebar Cutter from HIT Tools
29-PMC16-3 - 5/8" (#5) Rebar cutter from HIT Tools

Replacement Parts available
Tune Up Kit for DC-20WH or DC-20XH
Called 'TU20K'
-Rebar Cutter Blocks No. 2 Set*
-2 Cap Bolts (M5 x 18)
-2 Cap Bolts (M5 x 25)
-2 Lock Washers (M5)
-Quart of Hydraulic Oil*
-Stopper Bolt with Spring*
-Carbon Brush Set*
-Spring for new style stopper bolt
-New style stopper bolt (M12 x 30)

Brush Caps for DC-20WH or DC-20XH

Tune Up Kit for DC-25X
-Rebar Cutter Blocks No. 3 Set
-2 Cap Bolts (M8 x 25)
-2 Cap Bolts (M8 x 30)
-2 Lock Washers (M8)
-Quart of Hydraulic Oil*
-Stopper Bolt with Nut
-Carbon Brush Set

*Also sold separately

Manual Cutters and Benders
Cutter/Bender HIT 3/4"
Cutter/Bender Jet 5/8"
Cutter/Bender Willard 5/8"
-It says it is able to bend 3/4" 40 and 60 Grade Rebar, We don't recommend this because of the ware on the machine and you.