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Posted by randall
Tuesday 24 January 2012 - 22:08:41

It seems that I need to update the site on a ton of new things going on around here. Lets start and progress in an order that makes no sense.

We added two products to to test out how we would fair with some items on there. The two items are the 25' and 35' Stanley PowerLock 2's, of which are discontinued and we seem to be the only ones that have them around.
25' Tape Link
35' Tape Link
We plan on adding more in time, but amazon takes a pretty hefty commission from us, so it makes it difficult to beat prices.

We've bought a large supply of EZ-Flow drain recently and will have it in stock when you need it. EZ-Flow is a 10' flexible perf pipe with a light weight gravel substitute surrounding it for quick installation. We also carry the couplers for the pipe.
Drain Pipe Page (I had to create it to link it)

We hope everyone does great this year and has a lot of fun.

This news item is from Delano Supply - Newberg, Oregon
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