News Item: Plastic Joist Pocket Liners
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Posted by randall
Wednesday 25 September 2019 - 20:47:02

We understand that Famco has stopped manufacturing JPLs completely. We're making this post to inform potential customers that they are still available currently and are working with Famco and others to continue the product line or a similar product line. This line will not just disappear like this, we have too many customers that depend on this.

We currently have the JPLs in 25-9's and 25-11 which can handle up to the 2-5/16" wide, and 9-1/2" and 11-7/8" respectively, joists.

We've been getting a lot of calls with concerns about the product line being discontinued. We are working to continue it and have high confidence that we will still be able to provide the same or similar product. In the time being, we have stocked heavily on them so we can supply the market while this is resolved.

Thank you!

Update: They're available for the foreseeable future

This news item is from Delano Supply - Newberg, Oregon
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