General Policies
Returned Check as NSF: 25.00 Fee
15% Restocking Fee on all returns. (please bring receipt)
Special orders may need to be prepaid and may include freight, this is likely to vary time to time.
Rentals for Sales receipts are week by week rentals and are paid for in full until returned, difference will be credited.
Small deliveries may have a delivery charge.

Account Related
All invoices will-called or delivered must have a job site address.
All accounts must be paid by the 10th of each month, unless stated otherwise.
18% APR Financed charge assessed Monthly(1.5% per a month), and compounding.
Some accounts may become locked if payments are too far behind, and will be a cash up front basis.
Payments will be made to the oldest invoices and finance charges first, unless specific invoices or jobs are stated when payment is received.

Website Policies
Your IP, browser, OS, Video resolution are logged when you visit for statistical reasons to help improve the website to fit the general customer's needs.

This page is not complete and may not have all of our policies