Soy-Gel™ is an industrial strength, 100% bio-degradable Paint and Urethane Remover. Made with 100% soy beans and cleans up with water.
Safe for Wood, brick, stone, metal, plaster, and concrete.

We carry 1 and 5 gallon containers.

BEAN-e-doo­™ is a safe and environmentally friendly mastic remover. It will remove carpet and tile mastic for resurfacing. There's no dust or odor, and less than 3% VOC.

Ickee Stickee Unstuck™
Ickee Stickee Unstuck™ is a Graffiti and Adhesive remover. It removes tar, grease, graffiti, tape residue from hard surfaces, and more. It's 100% biodegradable with easy application and disposal.

Emerge™ is an excellent hard surface cleaner. It is non corrosive unlike Muratic acid, and safe to use. Emerge™ can take off over 4 coats of waxed flooring and oil and bring back original concrete surfaces.