30/06 :  Happenings of the 30th

   The site, http://www.delanosupply.com/ now has a domain, that one, I guess it is now an official web site.

I have added another page to the site, and placed the link in the main menu. The page is for the Saw Blades we sell here. I will be added pictures and more pages soon. I will post new news posts when we make more pages, it is just a slow process.

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Happenings hedecan 20 Dec : 12:14 Reply to this

Got link on this post via Skype - good time spending :)

Happenings selba 20 Dec : 14:18 Reply to this

Thanks. Intersting and userfull. Write more

Happenings thoisil 20 Dec : 15:01 Reply to this

Put link on your website in my blog. Hope it helps you :)

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