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18/03 :  Coronovirus Effects

   We've taken many steps here to help minimize exposure to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). From sanitizing common areas multiple times a day, including the restroom, door handles, front desk, employee areas, and others.

However we ask anyone showing symptoms to stay home, we can take orders over the phone and have products ready for pickup outside. If you do plan on coming in, please wear a mask and we will not allow you into the store front without one. We will help to the best of our abilities.

We've also closed our doors to the general public, contractors and account holders are able to come in. This is only temporary until the pandemic calms down and we have a better picture of whats to come. In addition we've modified our hours to be:

Mondays and Thursdays, 7AM to 4:30PM

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause but hope you understand.

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25/09 :  Plastic Joist Pocket Liners

   We understand that Famco has stopped manufacturing JPLs completely. We're making this post to inform potential customers that they are still available currently and are working with Famco and others to continue the product line or a similar product line. This line will not just disappear like this, we have too many customers that depend on this.

We currently have the JPLs in 25-9's and 25-11 which can handle up to the 2-5/16" wide, and 9-1/2" and 11-7/8" respectively, joists.

We've been getting a lot of calls with concerns about the product line being discontinued. We are working to continue it and have high confidence that we will still be able to provide the same or similar product. In the time being, we have stocked heavily on them so we can supply the market while this is resolved.

Thank you!

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24/01 :  Long long time

   It seems that I need to update the site on a ton of new things going on around here. Lets start and progress in an order that makes no sense.

We added two products to to test out how we would fair with some items on there. The two items are the 25' and 35' Stanley PowerLock 2's, of which are discontinued and we seem to be the only ones that have them around.
25' Tape Link
35' Tape Link
We plan on adding more in time, but amazon takes a pretty hefty commission from us, so it makes it difficult to beat prices.

We've bought a large supply of EZ-Flow drain recently and will have it in stock when you need it. EZ-Flow is a 10' flexible perf pipe with a light weight gravel substitute surrounding it for quick installation. We also carry the couplers for the pipe.
Drain Pipe Page (I had to create it to link it)

We hope everyone does great this year and has a lot of fun.

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25/10 :  Now carrying the Blue Vinyl Gloves

   We got some Blue Vinyl Gloves in today, they are a triple dipped oil resistant glove. We are stocking them in Large and XLarge. Added by popular demand, thank you.


28/04 :  Smart Levels and MASAs

   We now stock "Smart Levels". The Smart Level is by M-D and is able to detect level and plumb. It comes with the electronic part and the attached level.

We recently have gotten MASA anchoring systems in. Some jobs are starting to require them so we carry them now.

14/04 :  More Relton drill bits

   We have 7 new Relton drill bits on order and will be in soon.
(see drill bits page for descriptions)

Pyramid Points(P###) are faster cutting bits as they have more cutting edges.

26/01 :  New Pages, New Pictures

   Anchor Bolts finally has a page made for it. Listing sizes and type in an alternating colored table.
Using the same format, i created the Stab Bolts page (SSTB##).

I have created an icon to replace the filler leaf next to Delano Supply.

Flagging Tape was never listed on here, this was discovered when trying to add a picture to the page. It has now been created and has a photo of them. Caution/Danger Tape also has a photo attached to it.

The search function now works properly and will strictly search the product pages. Before it would simply search the news by default.

New Pages
Anchor Bolts
Stab Bolts
Flagging Tape - New + Picture
Caution/Danger Tape - Picture

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24/01 :  New pages

   I have created a few new pages today, first starting with the Calculators we carry.

This is to reduce the thought of the calculators we carry are simple math ones, and to show that they are far more powerful than that.

Second is the Vent Wells page, listing the type and size of our vent wells.
Third, but tied together is the Vents page. This page I tried something new: using and for black and grey vents.

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14/01 :  Better Pages

   You know that Drill Bits page? How it is long and frankly, painful to look at? I added internal links to that page. Now, you can click "SDS+" and you will jump to the SDS+ section.

Happy Browsing.

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15/06 :  6/15/10

   -Changed Paint Supplies page to include a link to Marking Tools because that page contains spray 'paint'.

-Created the Insulation page detailing the sizes, that we can break them in half and their R Values
-- Updated the Product List page to include the link

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